EDC NEWS – January 2019

The Voluntown Economic Development Commission is currently seeking several new commissioners and alternates. If you are a Voluntown resident and want to help please forward your letter of interest to the Board of Selectmen. We meet every 3rd Thursday of the month at 5:30 in the Town Hall.

We are pleased to welcome Mr. Mark Simmons as our fourth commissioner. 

 The 2019 Voluntown Farmers’ Market grant has been submitted to Connecticut Department of Agriculture in November. We are hopeful we will be awarded our requested $8,459.00. The total project costs are estimated to be   $15,173, with in-kind (EDC and volunteer hours) expenses of $ 5,450.00 and cash expenses of $ 1,264.00.

Our grant request includes our plan to use the grant money to help pay for the following:

  • Post cards (over 6,000 in our town and two neighboring towns), postage for the cards, handling charge for bulk rack card mailings. Referring to our Appendix B Budget this requested cost is estimated at $2,656 and our EDC Commissioner In-Kind match is $1,500. New Weekly Face book and periodic regional flyer Ad s. Referring to our Appendix B Budget is $495 requesting $315, our cash contribution of $60 plus In kind match of $125.
  • road side sign New Banners, Advertising our Market Events and specials. Referring to our Appendix B Budget we request $400 with our In-Kind match of $400.
  • Sunday Musician costs. Referring to our Appendix B Budget the cost is $1,125 we understand the DoAg will not consider contributing to this cost so our cash contribution is $1,125.
  • WCTY Radio Ads. Referring to our Appendix B Budget, we are requesting $3,950 with a of In-Kind match of $2,480.
  • Special Events-Bouncy House, Kids prizes, and on-site Opening Day live radio broadcast-`Roll’ N Radio Show’ (note $500 for this radio show is included in the WCTY request above and not duplicated here). Referring to our Appendix B Budget we are requesting $315, our cash contribution of $60 and In-Kind match of $120.
  • Our Market necessary support costs include the rentals of one portable toilet and one 10’x20′ storage container for our picnic tables, benches, signage, banners, our booth table, tent, and chairs which we set up and store every Sunday next to the Market area.  Referring to our Appendix B Budget we are requesting $320 for the portable toilet with a $300 In-Kind match., and request $590 for the storage container with our $500 In-Kind match.

In recognition of our Vendor and Patron response from our questionnaires we hope to increase patronage by:

  • Changing our Farmers Market time to start at 10 AM and close 2 PM.
  • attract more vendors: Jams & Jellies, Food Truck
  • Add more Village intersection signage.
  • Do a better job of advanced advertising our special events Use social media & FB more.
  • More patron seating & picnic tables.
  • Educational demonstrations.

Longer season-now planning to go into mid-October

Our expected goals and  outcomes  are:

  • to increase both the number of patrons by 5%.
  • to increase the number of Vendor sales by 5%.
  • to increase both the number of vendors by 15%.
  • Increase participation in the WIC Farmers Market Nutrition Program by 5%.

We thank the volunteers who stepped forward and helped set-up, monitor, Facebook promote each Market, assist at the EDC booth, and take down equipment tents, chairs, benches tables for many of the 15 Market Sundays.

We thank the Ct. Department of Agriculture again for their continued support in awarding us our requested grants.

The EDC continues to promote Voluntown as an outdoor recreational tourist destination with our annual printing and distribution of the VOLUNTOWN TRAILS MAP,  to surrounding camp grounds, motels, casinos, restaurants, at the Town Hall and Sundays at the Market.



  • The EDC meets on the 3rd Thursday of every month at 5:30 in the Town Hall meeting room. If you can not make a meeting, but would like to volunteer, please email us at EDC@voluntown.gov 


EDC Commissioners: Jack Wesa, Tracey Hanson, Tali Soto and Mark Simmons.